Corrosion and Mechanical Performance of Advanced Bezinal® Coatings

Presenter: Bart Allaert Hans Depamelaere Geert Hooghe Walther Van Raemdonck

11:30 am - 12:00 pm


Bezinal®, Bekaert’s improved version of the Galfan coating (Zn95Al5) was designed both for final coatings and redrawing applications, and outperforms Zn with regard to weldability and corrosion resistance. In the last decade, more advanced Zn90Al10 (Bezinal® 2000) and Zn95Al5 (Bezinal® 3000) coatings have been developed with specific advantages for abrasion resistance, deformability, cut end corrosion resistance, and corrosion resistance in specific environments. This paper illustrates these advantages with laboratory results and relevant field experience data.

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